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Anchored to the Past: Poem

A shipwreck, tied to the sand and anchored to the past.
Anchored to the Past


Anchored to the Past

Anchored to the past,

Where shadow hunters stalk the air and sea,

There is no escape , no sanctuary.

Squawking seabirds, stinging jellyfish,

A lone shark looming large

Baiting its’ next blood-soaked feast,

All await in the ocean of yesterday.

Fight or flight to freedom?

The mind is trapped in sunken time,

Its’ anchor well secured.

Free? How can one be free

When the captors are shadows

And the rusting chains of yesterday

Shackle victims below.


©Bernie Delaney



This is an updated version of a poem, based on a picture of an anchored shipwreck, Donegal , that I’ve been working on recently.

Photo can be viewed on flickr.

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