Fruit Rainbow Poem for Children

A basket holding a fruit rainbow of different coloured fruit.
Fruit Rainbow

Fruit Rainbow

Red rosy apples are always in style,

The orange satsumas fit in my hands.

Yellow bananas are shaped like a smile

And the green juicy grapes taste just grand.

Blue little blueberries have a perfect name

And indigo raisins are tiny and sweet,

The round, violet plums are part of the game,

So eat the fruit rainbow, it’s a healthy treat!

©Bernie Delaney

The Poem

I must miss teaching my little 4 and 5 year old children more than I realised.

Fruit Rainbow is a poem written for young children. It includes all the colours of the rainbow in order and associates each one with a particular fruit.

I kept this really simple rhyme wise and also in language. There are a few new words for them like indigo and violet because I know that children that age love showing off new vocabulary. Indeed, for some of the children, several other words would be unfamiliar, even common fruit names.



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Photo by Naveed Pervaiz on Unsplash


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