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Creating Cavewoman blog

Creating cavewoman , a modern take.
Cavewoman, a modern interpretation.

Introducing Myself

They say honesty is the best policy, so I’m going to share a secret with you….I’m feeling petrified right now.  I realise that , for many people, starting a blog is no big deal. But, for me, it encompasses so many of my fears and insecurities that I feel almost like I’ve turned to stone. Yet, I’m still here and somehow letters are being typed, words are appearing on the screen and content is being written. Creating Cavewoman blog has finally become a reality. Is this me? Have I actually managed to do the impossible? What about slugs ( the blog type ), snippets, excerpts ? I guess if I can get my head around themes, plugins and widgets , I should be able to get to grips with those too. My best personal victory was discovering the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com…But not before I managed to crash my own site at my first blogging attempt!


So how did all this begin? I’ve always been drawn to creative pursuits….Art, photography, poetry and so on. One afternoon, while reorganising my poems in my documents folder, I began to wonder if the time had come for me to expand my writing into other genres. I mentioned the idea to my family and their reaction was both inspiring and supportive. These are the people closest to me, so I knew that I could trust their opinions. Not only did they encourage me, they took over the brain storming and helped me focus my often scatty thoughts into a semblance of coherence.

This type of support is the cornerstone of success. I understand that the definition of success varies and that there are many different kinds of support available, including online, but nothing beats the personal touch.  They definitely gave me the encouragement I needed to end up creating Cavewoman blog.


Now onto the hard work! Having chatted with my family, I returned home and grabbed my journal and began to do a bit of my own brainstorming  I always have a current journal at my desktop, it helps me put visible labels on  ideas and I’d highly recommend the practice. Remembering the importance of focus, I tried to concentrate on the outcome I wanted….Did I want to write short stories, a novel, a memoir? How would I go about it? Where would I get help?

I spent endless hours googling the relevant information and eventually found a creative writing course nearby. I had initially considered participating in an online course, but I felt that a group scenario might be better suited to a nervous beginner like me. And, yes, the nerves had definitely kicked in. However,  I persevered and began to jot down topics for my writing. So many ideas came flooding my mind, It was like a dam had broken and I felt truly liberated. Still, I knew that I would need to focus, otherwise I would get lost in excitement.

Creating Cavewoman

Having thought long and hard about various writing genres, I began to get a bit panicky. Apart from poetry , I had no real writing experience. Even the poetry rarely saw the light of day, unless I was feeling in a particularly brave mood. Suddenly, I had one of those Eureka moments…..What if I start a blog? I can write to my heart’s content about whatever I chose and if other people enjoy it, well that’s a bonus. I knew that I wanted to focus on creativity because the creative world is my passion.

Now I just needed a title! The title Cavewoman jumped out at me from nowhere, pulled me towards it and wouldn’t let me go. I know that I feel connected to that cavewoman thousands of years ago, leaving her hand print on the wall. Her artistic gesture  speaks to us through the centuries, reminding us of what it is to be human.

The View Beyond

Creating Cavewoman blog involved a lot of thought and soul searching. I am trying to stick to the concept, so I’ve decided to use my own images in my posts as much as possible. From the first painted hand print to the ultra-modern selfie, we are all trying to express ourselves and leave a mark on the world. The modern woman, or man, does not live in a cave. Yet we face the same struggles as our ancestors. Even surrounded by city walls and buildings, we still must find the courage to to look at what is on the outside, push ourselves forward and journey towards our destiny.

In Step

You might be wondering what on earth my Header image has to with creating Cavewoman blog. I’m a bit quirky by nature and tend to see unusual connections between ideas. So, as I was going through my image files, this is the one that jumped out at me. Like the cavewoman leaving the dark confines of her winter abode, these women are stepping out into the brightness of a new day. They are walking side by side, their steps synchronised.

I think that this might be my time to step out of the shadows, but it’s always nicer with friends and support by your side.And, needless to say, this applies equally to men…We can’t forget that there were cavemen too! I hope that you will enjoy my blog and follow me on my creative journey. And hopefully we can  support each other, the world works better that way.


    • admin

      Many thanks….You have always been there for me and I know that you always will be! Your lovely words of encouragement mean a lot.

  • Bryan Holland

    Well Done Bernie,
    Like you honestly! Keep saying what’s in that creative head of yours! We are all so alike but sometimes afraid to say what’s in our heads. Anyway keep doing what your doing! The book that helped me with my creativity was ‘the artist way’. Have a read. The blog I think is really good at the moment is ‘blindboy’. Have a listen. Have a look at the video clips that help me http://www.bryanholland.ie/clips. Best of luck. Bryan

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