Eleven October Targets

Setting Targets

The teacher in me is definitely coming out now,  although  I feel more like a pupil with a very tough taskmaster!  Having analysed my progress in September, I came up with this list of eleven October targets. Let’s see how I get on at the end of the month. A little bit of fine tuning for my creative journey.

Eleven  October Targets

  • Passwords: Put all my passwords into one notebook and do it legibly!
  • Editing: Edit posts before posting, not after., unless adding links.
  • Publishing: Try not to hit ” Publish”  when I mean to hit “Preview”( I’ve done this a couple of times ). Be focused.
  • Photography Files: Organise one Lightroom  photography file each day, starting with the newest. Synchronise with other files.
  • Quotes File: Organise my quotes into one file.
  • Creative Writing: Attempt a piece of creative writing, based on a visual prompt.
  • Poetry: Combine one of my poems with one of my photographs.
  • Halloween: Write a post about this very creative festival.
  • Stradbally Arthouse:  Photograph and write about the exhibits.
  • Camera: Get out with the camera at least once a week, for enjoyment.
  • Books: Spend an hour each day reading a good book. Because it matters.


You can see my original photo, without the caption, on flickr




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