Gut Feelings Matter

A woman stopped in mid step, illustrating that gut feelings matter

Gut Feelings Matter

Have you ever been caught in the headlights of your own life ? You were ticking along nicely and suddenly , out of nowhere, something stops you in your tracks. Something you hadn’t expected to see, something troubling. But now that it’s here, you recognise it for what it is.  Your inner voice had been trying to warn you, but you have ignored it. Now you must face it, in ALL CAPS, screaming at you. I know that there were many times in life that I wished I had listened to my gut sooner, rather than over thinking things or blindly going forward.

 House Sale

One such occasion happened a few months ago. I had decided that I would move house, partly because I felt that it would be a sensible financial decision. I ignored my gut feeling, which was trying to tell me that I was crackers to bring all that stress on myself again. It had only been three years since I had moved into this one. Nothing could stop me though , the auctioneer was contacted and soon there , sitting pretty, was my house on  Yes, daft was certainly a great name for the situation .

 A Change of Heart

What caused me to have a change of heart?  Throughout the whole process, I had chosen to block out my gut feelings. I was focused only on rushing forward and not thinking through the emotional aspects of my decision. Those flashbulb moments can come out of the blue, at least that has been my experience. It was only at the last minute that my gut must have decided that enough was enough.  I was just sitting in my living room, watching TV , when the madness of what I was doing hit me.  I immediately changed tack and took my house off the market. Best decision ever! Gut feelings matter. Never ignore your inner self,  it knows you better than anyone.

A Creative Journey

I hope that the lessons I have learned thus far in life will help me on this creative journey. I already find myself falling into old traps, trying to do too much, being the perfectionist. I know that I need to take things more slowly.It’s only when we take a step back that we find the space we need to connect with our inner selves. I know all these things in theory, but putting them into practice is another matter.



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