Ireland Calling ( Day 11 )

Sheep grazing on Achill island, picture for Ireland Calling
Achill Island

The Challenge for Day 11

Today’s challenge is an interesting one, it’s called “Persuade me.” As an example, Jeff suggests persuading someone to try something new. As it happens, while checking up on Twitter this morning, I came across a tweet announcing that Ireland ranked at number two in Good Countries, just behind Finland. So that gave me an idea…Why not try to persuade people of the benefits of choosing Ireland as a holiday destination? Obviously, as I live in Ireland, I’m already a believer. Now it’s just a matter of convincing you!


Ireland Calling

Well, what is so special about Ireland? The answer lies in its’ uniqueness. A small island, located at the Western periphery of Europe, the last port of call on the way to America. A place of outstanding natural beauty and steeped in history and heritage. it has strong roots in the past, yet has embraced modernity with open arms. That’s the reason why it’s such a popular destination already. There is something for everyone. Don’t believe me? Here’s a taster, all written from personal experience.



Dublin is a modern, vibrant city that has universal appeal. Take a stroll down Grafton Street, take in some shopping while enjoying the buskers…We love our music here. Visit Temple Bar, walk the cobbled stones, visit the open air markets. Enjoy a pint of Guinness in one of the old pubs along the way, or maybe a plate of steaming Irish stew. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, we Irish love our food just as much as our pints.

History lover? Take a look at the GPO, scene of the Easter Rising. Much of the building was burned down, but you can still see the bullet holes etched into its’ facade. Or visit Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin’s oldest building, founded in 1039. Maybe take a tour around the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin’s most popular attraction where you will learn history in the making.


Want to explore more?

The further from Dublin you go, the more you discover what might be loosely termed ” Traditional Ireland.”

Meath is full of history, it was one of the first areas settled in Ireland. It is also the county where the world-famous Book of Kells originated, the one displayed in Trinity College, Dublin.

If you fancy something more scenic, you could make the short journey to Wicklow. A place of mountains, lakes and pretty coastal towns. Or maybe head on to the beautiful, unending beaches of Wexford or Waterford? Each of these locations revels in its’ own history, but I’ll leave that to you to discover.


Wild Atlantic Way

From Malin Head, at the top of the Inishowen peninsula in Donegal, right down to the old head of Kinsale in Cork, this truly is a feast for the soul. If you’re the adventurous type, you could cycle some of the route, maybe stopping along the way at some of the old coaching Inns.  The scenery is breathtaking, the beaches unspoiled and the weather is definitely soft.

There’s a reason the Irish probably have as many words for rain as the Eskimos have for snow. Still, though, we are sometimes blessed with unusually hot temperatures in summer and we certainly know how to appreciate them. Some tourists complain when this happens because they never got to use their boots and brollies. But I think, secretly, they are happy.

No matter what you want from a holiday, the Wild Atlantic Way has it. A safe place to take your children, a romantic getaway, an adventure of a lifetime…It’s all there, waiting to welcome you.


Island Hopping

Take a trip to Achill, where sheep still roam the streets of the tiny, rural villages and wander freely to explore the wild countryside. Maybe visit the Aran Islands where time stands still and you can imagine the hardships of the past. Enjoy listening to the Gaelic language spoken as part of daily life, it’s a joy to experience.

Don’t miss a trip to Inishbofin island,  one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets. A heady mixture of the old and new Ireland. Jaw dropping scenery, surfing schools, traditional bars, and a real island spirit. My favourite holiday place in the world. Sssh, I probably shouldn’t be telling you!


Day 11 of my 500 Words 31 Day Challenge. Keeping up my Ireland theme.

The photograph is my own, taken on Achill Island




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