Seeking Leprechauns ( Day 12 )

Seeking leprechauns in the rain on Saint Patrick's Day...Women with shamrocks and Irish flags.
Seeking Leprechauns

The Challenge for Day 12

Today’s challenge from Jeff Goins is to “Rewrite history, imagine an alternate reality, or just plain lie.” Okay, here is my alter ego ūüôā …Seeking Leprechauns


Seeking Leprechauns

My goodness! An award for one of my books! It’s hard to believe, but this is my new reality and I feel quite¬†overwhelmed. The accolade isn’t even for my first published work,¬† Speed Dating Secrets, a book about love in the modern age. Amazingly, it’s for my far more¬†obscure literary piece, Seeking¬†Leprechauns. This demonstrates how important it is to follow your gut instincts in these matters.

I’m not at all a desperate type, but I did¬†spend hours researching topics that were likely to bring me the most commercial success. Time after time,¬† the topic of romance was top of the list, hence the emergence¬†of Speed Dating Secrets. Seeking Leprechauns was more of a life’s mission, a concept¬†I’ve always dreamed of bringing to light, my gift to myself.

So, what is Seeking Leprechauns about? It is an important historical document that examines the case of the Irish leprechaun, a creature so often cast aside as a mere figment of the imagination.  There is very little published work on this topic, so I was forced to rely on laborious internet searches.  This caused a strange burning in my eyes and yielded few results. Therefore,  I decided it was time to approach the matter more scientifically.

Thus began a year-long journey¬†into the area¬†of field research. And by field I mean exactly that, any field that I could plough through in my new green wellingtons, purchased specifically for this task. Rain, hail or shine, it didn’t matter to me. There was quite a lot of rain actually because I needed to locate the rainbow’s end. Even if I could not discover the elusive leprechaun, at least that way¬† I might find his pot of gold. How did I get on? The answer lies within Seeking Leprechauns, I would not like to spoil it for you.

You might ask, what have I learned from this experience? The most significant lesson for me was the importance of doing thorough research on your topic of choice. On that note, I think that my other work, Speed Dating Secrets, would benefit from more genuine engagement on my part. My daughter feels that might be counterproductive, but she tends to be of a rather negative disposition. She even suggests that I have been spammed. I’m not sure what that entails but I’m sure if it’s a problem I’ll find out.

May I take this opportunity to thank you, my followers,  for your valued support. My next project involves exploding the myth that drinking alcohol impairs your judgment, particularly in the area of romance.  If any of you would like to be involved in this revolutionary study, please let me know through the comments section.



Day 12, 500 Words 31 Day¬† Challenge by Jeff Goins. “Seeking Leprechauns”, a parody. Keeping up the Ireland¬†theme.

The photograph is my own, shot at a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Ireland.





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