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Burned and destroyed trees in a forest, illustrating Sorceress poem about man's destruction of the environment.


sorceress casting a spell

The inspiration for the Sorceress poem


In dark, skeletal woodland,

Limbs of trees hang bleached and broken.

Their finger like twigs, now robbed of jewels,

Point sharply to the thieving culprit;

Sorceress, temptress, fiery queen,

Bewitching mistress of the light.

Man’s nemesis, found in the sooty

Footprints of a ruined forest.



©Bernie Delaney




I wrote this poem in response to the visual prompt of the above picture.    ” What do you See? “

Other Photo by Angie Corbett-Kuiper on Unsplash

I found it later on and thought that it worked with the poem.

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