Ten November Targets

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Ten November Targets

I had a look back at my October review and it helped me pick ten November targets. I also threw in a few new things because I’d probably get bored if I didn’t! Maybe  I need to widen my horizons a bit and generally have more fun.  The things holding me with blogging  back are:

  1. I’m not very techie.
  2. Fear of failure can act as my prison.
  3. All of me, good and bad, gets exposed.

Someone recently asked me, ” What are the two words of advice that you would give to your childhood self? “. My answer was ” Be brave. ” So, with that in mind, here are my ten November targets:


 My ten November targets:

  • Get out with my camera. Use these locations: Donegal, Emo Court, Waterford, Dublin.
  • Create a Photo Story: Choose one of the above locations.
  • Photography Files: Start some category files eg Snow, Street, Birds
  • Emails: Begin deleting unnecessary emails, page by page.
  • Quotes: Write a post based on inspirational quotes ( because I love them )
  • Blog: Blog something totally random. Who wants to be in a box?
  • A Creative Journey:  School Memories.
  • Creative Writing: Write something with a happy ending.
  • Books: Read at least four books this month.
  • Max: Forgive my cat, Max, for driving me bonkers when I’m trying to concentrate on writing!


Photograph my own shot in Cashel, Co. Tipperary. See on Flickr


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