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Dance Mermaid Dance

Woman sitting on a rock, looking out to sea. Illustration for Dance Mermaid Dance
Dance Mermaid Dance



The inspiration for Dance Mermaid Dance

Dance Mermaid Dance

Long years have passed since first I felt your warm,

Strong arms wrap my shivering body close to yours.

You found me, floundering in low-tide, and pulled me

From the gravelly sand that tore through my skin

Like the teeth of a barracuda.

“Fashioned from my dreams, ” you said

And I, knowing no better, took the bait.

Was it all an illusion?

I felt transformed by love,

Like the mermaid whose fishtail disappeared

And I learned to dance in harmony with hope.

But the curtain has dropped on that performance and

I return, lost, to the place of our beginning,

Searching for answers amongst the empty shells.

I look upon the sands where once

we left our patterned footsteps,

Two by two, synchronized like waltzers

And I dream deeply of our together -dance.

The water crashing against the hard rocks

Sings out of tune,  disturbs the peaceful reverie.

Stop. Think. What will I do now? How will I cope, alone?

The sea breathes out its’ answer in a patient rhythm and

The words tumble along the cresting waves,

Spilling themselves at my feet.

Dance mermaid dance



I wrote this poem in response to the visual prompt of the above picture.    ” What do you See? “

Other Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

I found it later on and thought that it worked with the poem.


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