Happy Snappers Award

Bernie Delaney holding the photograph which won Judges choice Happy Snappers photography award.

Happy Snappers Judges Choice Award

I was delighted to take part in this year’s photography exhibition by Happy Snappers Camera Club and really thrilled to receive the Judges Choice award. There was a fabulous array of photographs on display and it was a great honour to have my picture chosen for this award. The image is titled “Balance” and I shot it at a beach in the UK, not Asia as a lot of people seem to think!

Woman in the centre of a beach. Happy Snappers Judges Choice award at the camera club exhibition 2018


The Happy Snappers award looks stunning and is a testament to the club’s attention to detail and artistic appreciation. The plaque will certainly have pride of place in my home. It’s always exciting to win an award and this one is no exception, it’s a great confidence boost.

Judges Choice award received by Bernie Delaney of Happy Snappers camera club for "Balance" photograph.
Judges Choice Award


The exhibition was held at the Fisherman’s Thatched Inn in Co. Laois, the same place where we meet as a club once a month. It’s a perfect venue for any creative activity because the place oozes character and has a unique old world atmosphere. I love this image from their website. The photographer is Michael Ward and the picture really captures the mood of the location.

Fisherman's Inn, Co. Laois where Happy Snappers camera club meets each month.
Fisherman’s Inn


I got to take a few photographs on Wednesday night when all was quiet and this my favourite. The picture shows both the uniqueness of the venue and the huge variety of photographs on display.  Thank you to everyone involved with hosting the exhibition, you really did yourselves proud. Roll on 2019!!

Happy Snappers photography exhibition at Fisherman's Thatched Inn, Co. Laois
Happy Snappers Exhibition



A special thanks to Ray Commins for taking the photo of me at the exhibition and supplying me with a picture of the plaque.

I think I have achieved one of my November targets in that I made a photo story, even if they aren’t all my own pictures.

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