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Last Steps

Man with lantern taking his last steps into the unknown.
Last Steps

Last Steps

The last steps like the first steps,

Cautious and faltering,

Seeking for guidance and

Aiming for home.

The light that was carried and

Molded and shared

Is dimming and fading

With each turn of the stairs.

The breathing is laboured

The heartbeat unsure

But the gift is still carried

And presented, unpure.

The last light like the first light,

Blazing and beckoning,

Retrieving the flame and

The gift that was given.

Transparent hands hold it aloft,

Was I worthy? Did I shine? Did I do enough?

The flicker of life returns to its’ core,

Unseeing, unknowing, undead.



I  wrote this piece in response to the above picture. It was this week’s prompts on  What do you see?

Many thanks to Helene for her great inspiration and support, it is much appreciated.

And also a big Thank You to everyone who reads these poems, it means a lot to me.


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