Old Files, Lucky Finds

Male mallard duck, swimming. One of my old files. Bernie Delaney.
Male Mallard Duck

Old Files, Lucky Finds

One of my December targets was to start backing up the photographs from my PC onto an external hard drive. The first step was obviously to find a hard drive! That meant rooting through several “jumble boxes”…You know the type that is full of old leads and chargers and you have no idea what belongs to what. While searching through one of the boxes, I came across a hard drive that I hadn’t seen since I moved house a few years ago. In fact, I didn’t even remember having it, so was curious about what might be on it. In amongst the house-moving documents, I found several old files of photographs, some dating back ten years.

So what did I discover? Well, I found loads of photographs of wildlife, stuff that I thought was lost forever. There were also many Christmas shots, including some very precious ones from Roscommon. And loads of other images too, things I barely remember taking. Old files, old memories, old dreams. But new opportunities too.  It was certainly a lucky find and a nice reward for sticking to my targets.

The image above is one of the wildlife photographs I’ve mentioned. It was shot around Christmas time in Naas and it feels great to be reunited with it! I’m looking forward to putting some of these pictures into the Photography section soon.



  • JulesPaige

    I have so much stuff to sort through; photo and writing wise.
    You remind me that I need to ask my hubby about ‘cloud’ back up.
    Or even updating my thumb drives that hold stuff.
    Just hope that by the time I am ready to do anything all the cord connections still fit. 🙂

    Lovely mallard. I think I have some mallards that make a home in the creek near me 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Jules,

      It’s really important to back up stuff…Especially in this digital world where we do most stuff online. Any backup system is fine, whether it’s an external drive or Cloud.
      Mallards are great for photographs, they are so colourful!


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