Ten December Targets

Ten snowy, frozen leaves on a twig, representing ten November targets for Cavewoman blog by Bernie Delaney

Ten December Targets


I can’t believe that Christmas is almost upon us, it seems only like yesterday that I started this Cavewoman blog back in September. It has certainly taken a slightly different course than I envisaged in the beginning…I never thought I’d get around to doing so much creative writing. Still, there are several areas that need more work. I had a look back at my November Review and came up with the following ten December targets:


My Ten December Targets


  • Camera Work: Focus on a Christmas theme, indoor or outdoor is fine.
  • Behind the Image: Write a few “Behind the Image” posts. Include camera data as appropriate.
  • Photo Story: Make a photo story using just my own images.
  • Files: Continue organising photo files into themes. Back up both photography and document files onto my hard drive.
  • Creative Writing: Publish the stories I’ve written during my creative writing course with Pauline Clooney.
  • A Creative Journey: Consider renaming this category? Write a new post.
  • Books: Read 84K by Claire North. Being specific might help here.
  • Pinterest: Check out more about how this site works.
  • Christmas: Write about this theme, lots of scope here.
  • Challenge yourself: Try a totally new approach to a blog post. Be creative!


The photo is my own, shot in Co. Kildare


  • JulesPaige

    Just this morning I took some photos of the frost. But … I am still not quite altogether with getting the photos off my camera or filing the ones I already have! I know somewhere there is an app to make your photos into postcards. I think I would like to find out more about that! Using my own photos as postcards. The trick though there is that you also end up paying the postage as well as the process online. And I don’t do much online via money. I’m still a bit of a dinosaur in that area.

    I also know know there are wonderful programs to change the colors and even make your photos look like paintings!
    Continued success with all your ventures 🙂 ~Jules

    • admin

      Thank you, Jules.
      There are so many different processing tools out there, it can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes! I use mainly Lightroom and Photoshop, though I have a few others too. What do you use for editing photos?

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