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Spluttering Silence

Lava flow on a volcano. illustrating my Spluttering Silence poem on this topic.
Spluttering Silence

Spluttering Silence

That night was a night like no other.

A night of dark and brooding skies,

Blue-tinged clouds and

Shooting stars which bore the scars

Of a million flickering miles.

Slowly, silently, all was dimmed and

A moon which hung disconsolate,

Its light no longer needed and

Useless as a burst balloon,

Simply faded and receded.

The stillness matched the darkness

In intensity and pain,

Until from deep within the earth,

From its very core, hot like fire,

A sound began to resonate,

A rumbling explosion that

roared and rushed to the surface,

Spilling scalding red rivers

And Sulphur fumed ashes

Upon a once verdant landscape.

Earth’s death throes, harsh and unrelenting,

A spluttering slide into silence.



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Photo by Julien Millet on Unsplash


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