Photograph: Balance

This is the photograph “Balance” that won the judges’ award at the Happy Snappers camera club exhibition. As I said before, I was absolutely delighted to receive this award. We all submit our pictures, but we do it not thinking about winning anything, it’s just nice to participate. Sometimes I think that my images are a bit too left of centre to do well in competitions, I tend to break rules rather than follow them. The creative spirit, I guess…Or maybe just being awkward!? Anyway, it was a lovely surprise to see this picture win the judges’ approval.


When I first spotted this picture in my files, I thought It was taken in Ireland. I really am ditzy! It was actually shot at a beach in Newquay, Cornwall, while I was on holidays there.  I love the sea, it is a powerful reminder of the beginnings of life on Earth. But it’s much more than that. It seems to be a place where we can find the peace that often eludes us in our daily lives. The soothing hum of the ocean comforts and consoles in a way we don’t really understand. Who knows why or how, but it’s real. To me, anyway.


This image was shot looking down on the beach in Newquay. I noticed a couple carrying these wheel-like objects down to a dingy, not sure what they were really. I have other photos of the couple, but I particularly liked the image of the woman, alone. When processing the image, I tried to be sympathetic to the scene, I wanted to keep a balance between the woman and her environment. The link between reality and illusion was important too, this could be any woman, anywhere.


Nikon d7000

lens 50-150mm sigma

f 3.5



iso 200


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The photograph can be viewed on Flickr

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