Christmas Home Time

Home spelled out in Christmas letters, photograph by Bernie Delaney
Home for Christmas

Christmas Home Time

Today I saw my first Reindeer Car, so I know that Christmas has well and truly arrived! I’m not really a fan of all the commercial hype. It seems to suggest that we can’t have a happy Christmas unless we spend, spend, spend. The list is endless…Decorations, kitchen equipment, furniture, clothes, gifts and enough food to feed a small village for a week.

I’m not a Grinch, though, because I still do all the Christmas stuff and there are certain things about it that I love. One of the best parts is sharing time with the people I love, so I’m thrilled that both my son and daughter will be home this Christmas. And that, to me, makes for a happy Christmas regardless of all the other noise.



I’ve actually been much more organised than usual this year, thanks to great help from the kids. My son came home from Dublin last weekend to help me get down the Christmas paraphernalia from the attic. There were actually four boxes of decorations etc and I’m still wondering how I managed to accumulate so much stuff.

The worst part for me is putting up the artificial tree. I’d much prefer a real tree and I feel like I’m cheating a bit with this one. Not to mention the mental struggles involved in figuring out which branch goes where. But at least it’s up now, complete with an artificial, but very cute, robin on top. I actually managed to get all my presents sorted early this year, my daughter is always a great help with that and we often do our Christmas shopping together.


Happy Christmas 🙂

I’d like to wish everyone reading this blog a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Or, as they say in Irish Gaelic:


“Nollaig Shona Dhuit”



The photograph is my own, shot a few days ago.

A December target achieved!!


  • JulesPaige

    I celebrate Light, I belong to an inter-faith family. I let others do most of the decorating.

    One way to take of the buy, buy, buy stress is that I shop for little things all year round. I get great books at a discount at my local library cafe bookstore. During the summer yard sales and charity shops. I have several ‘gift’ boxes in one of my spare rooms’ closet.

    I don’t mind the simple decorations, but when one goes through the neighborhood to see excess lighting and oogles of blown up characters… That is just too much. Family should always come first.

    All the best to you and your family. I’ve had a few celebrations and look forward to letting others spread their cheer.
    Now if the good will could last all year round…

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