Christmas Open Mic

Christmas decorations at Open Mic event. Photo by Bernie Delaney

Christmas Open Mic

I was delighted to be part of this year’s Christmas Open Mic hosted by Pauline Clooney.  I’d never been at this type of event before and found it really interesting and great fun too. Pauline had invited along both current and past members of her creative writing groups. Basically, we each took turns at reading pieces of our own writing.  There was a nice mixture of poetry, short stories, and novel extracts. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when my turn came around, but I guess everyone felt the same. On the night, I decided to read a few poems:


Spluttering Silence

Dance Mermaid Dance


The Venue

Pauline’s home was beautifully decorated and oozed a nostalgic Christmas charm. The warm fire burning in the grate, the smell of home-made mince pies, the lively chatter of old and new friends…Everything was perfect and full of creativity.


Did I say mince pies?? Pauline is renowned for her mince pies and, having tasted them, I understand why! There were loads of other nice bites too, but these stole the show.


Friends, Old and New


It was great to have a chance to meet up with so many interesting and talented writers at the open mic event. All lovely, encouraging people who inspired me to keep going with my creative writing adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and even ran into a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for ages.  Just as we were leaving, we all swapped Kriskindle gifts. I left mine under the tree until Christmas morning. When I opened the present, I was delighted to find “On Writing” by Eudora Welty…It will definitely be on my January Target list.


I guess this covers a couple of my December targets, which is lucky because I’ve not exactly achieved many others this month. Christmas does that to you, doesn’t it?



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