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Creative Writing

Creative Writing Course

Well, it was certainly worth the wait! A couple of months ago, I listed some writing courses based in Ireland and mentioned that I was hoping to participate in one. I decided to go with the creative writing course run by Pauline Clooney at the Kildare Writing Centre.  Some of my friends had already participated in Pauline’s courses and recommended them to me.

Last night was the opening session. We were all a little nervous at first, but Pauline quickly put the group at ease. Soon we were chatting like old friends. I think it’s great to have the social element to go along with the learning side as it makes it more fun. This particular creative writing course is focused on the short story and runs for ten weeks.


Creative Writing Course Format

  • Ten minutes of free writing based on a prompt. Reflections on this writing.
  • The craft of the short story, linked to assigned reading we got earlier.
  • Workshopping the short stories of some group members.
  • More on crafting a short story, focused on a particular area.
  • Reading and writing assignments for next week.



I thoroughly enjoyed the night and learned so much in the space of three hours. It was interesting to hear that the short story is closest in format to poetry, maybe that is why I feel drawn to trying it out?  If you’ve ever thought of taking a course in creative writing, just go for it. You won’t know till you try!


The photograph is my own, shot indoors today.



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