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Flanders Remembrance

Red poppies in a field, illustrating my poem Flanders Remembrance
Flanders Remembrance

Flanders Remembrance

You and me mate, that was our promise,

Whatever happened, we were together.

It didn’t matter how awful it was,

How the guns blasted our ears,

How the gas clogged our lungs,

We were together, that’s all that mattered.


They came for us, like thieves in the night,

Seeking us out, smelling our fear.

But we were men, we fell together,

Bled out as one on the field of dreams.


Falling backwards into a void,

You and me mate, always together,

Lost generations weep for our passing and

Earth blushes in shame at the loss.



I  wrote this piece in response to the above picture and the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae May 1915

They were this week’s prompts on  What do you see?


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