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Reflection of the bottom of a boat in the water. Illustration for Novermber Review Cavewoman Blog. Bernie Delaney.

November Review

Setting monthly targets has turned out to be one of my better ideas. It has helped me stay more organised and focused than usual and there is a certain satisfaction in achieving the targets. So how did I get on with my ten November targets? Well, I had mixed success, really. I seemed to achieve better in overall goals, rather than specifics, but that’s okay too. I think I was over-ambitious in some areas, while not challenging myself enough in others. Here is my November Review, see what you think.



My November review tells me that this area still needs a lot of work, but at least I’m trying. I started deleting old emails, but still have thousands to do. Is anyone else as lax as me about this? At least the first few pages of my account are cleared now and that’s a help. I began putting some of my pictures into specific files, like birds and street. But there is a long road ahead, it’s a bit daunting.

Needs more work and patience.


Creative Writing


I’m pleased with the progress I’m making here. The poems were written using picture prompts from WillowPoetry. Thanks Helene!

Dance Mermaid Dance

Flanders Remembrance

Last Steps

Good progress.

Short Stories

I’ve written and published two new short stories, really pleased about that. They were prompted by quotes on Medium. The first one even has a happy ending! ( A target achieved )

Last Light


The creative writing course with Pauline Clooney is going well and I’ve written a few short stories there too. One is linked to school memories ( Another target ). I just haven’t got around to publishing them yet.

Publish these new stories on my blog.


Blog Posts

Well, I managed the random post target when I wrote about my lovely Donegal Weekend.  Really enjoyed writing that. And I was pleased that I got to achieve another target by making a photo story about the Happy Snappers Award., even though it wasn’t my intended location. The Inspirational Quotes post arrived on the stroke of November Midnight…See what targetting can do!

Challenge yourself a bit more.



I think I was being over ambitious with my photography targets, but at least I managed to take some new pictures, mainly indoors though. Maybe if I just concentrate on one area it might be more helpful.

Focus on Christmas. Post some “Behind the Image” pieces.



This is another area where my eyes were bigger than my stomach. With all the new reading for the creative writing course, there was no way I’d have time for novels. On the plus side, I got to read and critique some great short stories:

The Dead by James Joyce

A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor

Cathedral by Ramond Carver

The Party Girl by Clare Keegan

Read a novel over Christmas.



You will be pleased to know that Max, cat extraordinaire, has survived my November Review unscathed!


The photo is my own, shot in Blessington if I remember correctly.

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